3 Island Swim

Wedding Cake island

The day of reckoning arrived - the inaugural 3 Island Challenge. I glimpsed dawn through the pine trees at Cronulla park before thumbing a ride with Darryl. 
We were first on the scene and limbered up as the Sips slowly gathered for the meet: the Oatley crew ( Big Nick, Sheepdog, Lyn, Mat, and a mystery man), Lazy Cow,  J9, FL, Flash, Monsieur Eric, Mark, 100k Chris, Bruiser and Kerry, Kylie, Darryl and Scoop - all up for the challenge.​

Lesley was handed a camera and ensured we went down in the Sips annals by enshrining us on film.
With the forewarned southerly swell in play we swam Wedding Cake in reverse, confusing our sonar but giving all the left-side breathers a magnificent view of the waves crashing onto the island as we  passed.
A quick head count revealed we had only lost one so we cut our losses (sorry Bruiser) and committed to the long haul home, eventually finding Bruiser relaxing on the beach sporting a great tan and claiming a respiratory hiccup. As we walked shore Spud made a late appearance.
After befriending the local park drunks and commandeering their sun drenched picnic table - J9 eager to share the  love  - the locals spat snaky comments and made a haughty exit. Scotty inflated a portable lounge chair and Flash nosied in to relax, soak up the rays, sip caffeine and feast on savoury muffin.

Bare Island

Next stop was Bare Island. After hastily dragging on wet cossies I made a bee line for the water. 
No one took up the real Bare Island challenge by baring all at the nudie beach.  Instead we focussed on the island, swimming past fishing boats and bemused tourists. 
A quick snap or two at the bridge by Lesley - our simply Devine photographer - and the final leg  was an interesting muse over reef and reed. My you beaut, stream lined, super sealed, extra good fit, goggles I borrowed from French Eric fogged completely and I took to weaving and zagging in perfect synch with Eric.
I completely missed seeing Old Sea Turtle and Lorraine doing their own circumnavigation of the island (because we didn't wait.) Oops. Apologies!
Any abandonment issues see Sandra.

Shark Island

Given the distinct lack of interesting food outlets, there was a unanimous decision to skip refreshments in favour of finishing the Challenge and retiring to the bar. Skeg and Exotic joined us in Cronulla for the last leg of the 5k epic swim. 
We paused at the Back of the island and Kylie, suffering cold and fatigue for having to wait so long for the rest of us, took off like a rocket and missed the final photo opportunity. She might just have to do it all again to prove she finished.​
Fully satisfied and totally ff'd we ate the RSL out of hot chips, steak and burgers, carbing up before sliding into inertia.

Till next year?

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