This is a full step by step guide on how to archive emails for an email account. Follow this step by step procedure and you will successfully archive emails from an account.
1. Login with the account that you wish to archive.
2. Once logged in open up Microsoft Outlook.
3. When Microsoft outlook open up click on file.
4. Click on clean up tools and a drop down box will appear and click on archive.

5. An archive box will then appear click the radio button next to “Archive this folder and all subfolders.
6. In the list of options to archive click on the email account at the top of the list.
7. Click on the drop down box for the setting Archive items older than.

8. Now you should see a calendar on the calendar click on the today button at the bottom.

9. Click on the browse button under the archive files section.

10. In the file name box type in “Backup 2013” and then click on the ok button.

11. Now click on the ok button to save these changes.

12. Outlook will now start to Archive emails click on the home button in the top menu bar and at the bottom of outlook you will see a green progress bar telling you what files are being achieved.
Depending on the size of your mailbox this process could take a while.

Verifying the Email archive
1. Go to control panel and click on Mail.
2. In the mail settings click on Data Files.

3. In the Data files settings verify that you can see the archive file that we created earlier.

4. Click on close.
5. Click on close to exit out of the Mail Settings.
6. Now open up Outlook and verify that you can see and open your Archive that we created and also make sure every email is there.

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